The TriState chapter of the Dalcroze Society of America
is pleased to present our latest publication


Anne Farber

collected works 

a compilation of vocal and piano music


It is a rare treat to collect the music of a gifted composer. Anne Farber is one of the most formidable Dalcroze educators of our generation. One of the few holders of the Dalcroze Diplôme, she was the director of the New York Dalcroze School and has taught and presented at numerous music institutions around the world.

Throughout her career, Anne wrote original music and arrangements for her lessons and classes. Many of us lucky enough to study with her have cherished the hand-written copies of her music, hoping never to lose them. Now, with the creation of this volume, we can easily teach, share, and perform all of Anne’s incredible work. We recognize that this is only a preliminary collection. More compositions will doubtless surface and be included in subsequent editions.

Anne’s music is so important because she, as a teacher, is so artistic. Her pieces brilliantly combine a pedagogical offering and a musical offering. Anne’s teaching and her musicianship are inseparable: at her most pedagogical, she was most musical; at her most artistic, we all learned.

Aaron Butler

The collected works of Anne Farber will be available for purchase at the DSA National Conference, all TriState Dalcroze events, and online at Amazon.